Web Development Services

We will integrate ia on your website

Web Development Services

A web solution may be just what you need if you have a developed mobile application or a website already positioned in the market. At Neural Batch we can create the AI ​​function in the form of a microservices or an AI API, and if, on the other hand, you need a website, we will develop it from scratch with all the necessary configurations and integrate said function into your new website. Whether it is a backend type of solution or creating your AI website from scratch we will seek to give you the best integration solution.

Web Development

Sometimes an App does not fit what is needed, that is why we offer our web development service, from the simplest such as an informative page in WordPress, to complex Web Apps with users and an administrator profile developed with frameworks such as Django or Laravel. .

This is the type of web development that the Neural Batch team develops and in each of these it is possible to integrate some type of AI:

desarrollo web Neural Batch


We develop Artificial Intelligence APIs.

If you already have an App or a Website already developed and want to innovate in your users’ experience by adding functions based on Artificial Intelligence, we will help you meet that objective.

With the data you provide us, we can train the algorithmic models necessary to carry out your new function, we will create the microservices based on AI APIs and the integrations you need for your already developed product.