We develop Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithmic models for Apps and Websites.


We create microservices and AI APIs to integrate into your project till the end of development.


We develop both Apps and Websites to integrate algorithmic models into real products.

We are the Artificial Intelligence company that you was looking for.


We create solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence, more than algorithmic models, are an extension of humanity, a virtual representation of it, with that goal in mind our AI company, Neural Batch, was born.

Our team is made up of a team of both developers and companies working together to bring automation closer to the real world by developing data-driven projects end to end.


Our specialty ?
Bring AI closer to the real world !

As an Artificial Intelligence company we cover all phases of the development of your data project, from data extraction and analysis to the deployment of the product based on App development or even through Web development.


We extract from databases, files or even web pages, to have the necessary data and move forward with the project.

Data analysis

We clean, process and analyze all the data to get insights, and we also deliver reports as required for the data results of the project.

AI Models

We develop algorithmic models for artificial vision, classification, prediction, artificial voice, integration of LLM, NLP, etc.


We will automate the business processes you need to modernize, to connect and scale your business to the next level.

App Development

We develop mobile applications whether they are on Android or IOS, or even develop a hybrid of said both approaches.

Web Development

We create Websites and APIs whether they have some type of AI model or not, adapting to any business need.


Artificial Intelligence company specialized in AI integration on Apps.

At Neural Batch we work to provide you with the best possible solution for the development of an Artificial Intelligence App, where you provide the business idea and we provide the technology to fulfill it.

We cover all phases of the development of both Artificial Intelligence and the development of the App itself, from the prototype of the App to the integration of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithmic models.



We develop Artificial Intelligence APIs.

If you already have an App or a Website already developed and want to innovate in your users’ experience by adding functions based on Artificial Intelligence, we will help you meet that goal.

With the data you provide us, we can train the algorithmic models necessary to carry out your new function, we will create the microservices based on AI APIs and the integrations you need for your already developed product.


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