Projects and Tools


We are proud of what we have created.

We are proud of the portfolio we have created, applying product development that adapts to business and AI needs in each development.

We are also working on new products of our own such as Speaky Note. Soon we will bring more products to meet our goal: Bring AI closer to the real world.


Developed mobile Apps


Bits Of Stock

Is a consumer rewards platform that replaces traditional points, loyalty cards and cash back programs with salable fractions of stock shares that grow your wealth.



Kleta is a bicycle purchase or rental service through subscription. Plus, you can also earn points per kilometer and redeem them for rewards!



A video and social travel app that allows users to prepare for their trip, from what to do there to all types of reservations, through short videos uploaded by users.



Neflicofrades is the largest on-demand video service for cofrades. Since 1992, you can relive the best recorded scenes of Holy Week in amazing video and audio quality.​

Neural Batch tools

Project Estimator (Beta)

Web App to estimate the budget of an algorithmic model project developed by Neural Batch.​

Speaky Note (Beta)

Audio generator as Web App in which audiobooks can also be generated from images of text in books.​


Contributions to engineering and data science

Neural Batch projects

Geospatial analysis with Voronoi and KMeans

Use of Voronoi algorithm with KMeans as an improvement of the analytical technique for the study of data and information implicit in clusters in a given geographic area.

[ Diego Fonseca ]​

Artificial Vision applied in rolling plants

IIntegration at an industrial level in hot rolling plants of three Artificial Vision systems: speed monitoring, coil counting and multi-spectral acquisition.​

[ Manuel Álvarez ]

Machine Learning in the actuarial field

Comparison of Machine and Deep Learning classification models such as XGBoost and GLM neural networks guiding their actuarial application in the non-life insurer field.​

[ Jhonny Sinisterra ]