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Artificial Intelligence Services

At Neural Batch we make our Artificial Intelligence services available. Our approach is always to focus on what we as a team are best at: Developing products, research and projects related to data.

That is why within our Artificial Intelligence services we cover all phases of the cycle of a data project. We also develop products such as apps or web development with AI to improve the user experience for users 😀

extracción de datos Neural Batch

Data Extraction

Before starting any project related to AI, you first need to extract data, which is why we extract it from servers, cloud services, files or even online stores through webscraping. After extracting raw data such as minerals, we clean, organize and filter them, since in this way we isolate the noise that the extracted data may present.

That is why within Neural Batch services as an Artificial Intelligence company we extract data from these systems before starting any data-based development project:

Data Analytics

After data extraction we can clean, sort and create metrics on them to have the data available necessary for a comprehensive analysis. In addition, we also deliver a report or consultancy of the results obtained after data analysis.

Business analytics is as important as its development, which is why we have specialized in this type of data analysis:

análisis de datos Neural Batch
Servicios de inteligencia artificial. Artifcial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence Models

In addition to data analysis, we also develop algorithmic models of both Machine Learning and Deep Learning using one or more algorithms, seeking to ensure that they communicate with each other to achieve a better analytical result, transform complex data or create a new function for an App or Website that want to integrate Artificial Intelligence.

That said, we specialize in the implementation of the following algorithmic models:

RPA Automation

In today’s market, companies need to constantly optimize themselves, where we are all connected to the internet and where services related to AI are advancing by leaps and bounds, which is why we want to help you innovate.

Among the Artificial Intelligence services that we offer we also have the automation of business processes:

desarrollo app Neural Batch

App Development

At Neural Batch we take care of App development, whether Android, iOS or hybrid applications using the Flutter framework as a development environment. Once the application is deployed, we will also take care of its monitoring and maintenance, so that you can focus on the development of the app. business.

These are an example of the App development categories that we can develop for your project:

Web Development

Sometimes an App does not fit what is needed, that is why we offer our web development service, from the simplest such as an informative page in WordPress, to complex Web Apps with users and an administrator profile developed with frameworks such as Django or Laravel. .

This is the type of web development that the Neural Batch team develops and in each of these it is possible to integrate some type of AI:

Microservicios de inteligencia artificial y desarrollo web Neural Batch