Colly golang

glosario colly

1. What’s Colly golang?

Colly golang is a package for web scraping in the Go (or Golang) programming language. Go is known for its efficiency, concurrency, and performance, and Colly was specifically designed to take advantage of these features when scraping data on web pages. Although other packages such as Scrapy (Python) or Puppeteer (NodeJS) are more popular, Colly stands out for its efficiency in the use of resources and speed thanks to the concurrency of Go.

2. What’s the Colly function?

Colly provides an efficient and versatile solution for extracting data from websites while consuming fewer resources compared to similar tools such as the aforementioned Scrapy or Puppeteer. Its ability to use CSS selectors simplifies the accurate identification of specific elements on web pages, making it easy to extract relevant data. With support for concurrency in Go, Colly allows multiple requests to be made simultaneously, improving the speed and efficiency of scraping the target website. Additionally, its automatic cookie and session handling is essential for interacting with websites that require user authentication. This package offers functionality such as automatic redirects and the ability to crawl websites in a structured manner, allowing data scraping across multiple pages simultaneously. Using functional programming concepts and callbacks, Colly gives developers flexibility to define how to handle and process extracted data. That is why this Golang package is positioned as a complete and powerful tool for those looking to perform effective web scraping in Go-based environments.

3. Example of Colly in projects.

  • Data extraction.
  • monitoring changes to a website.
  • Construction of custom search indexes.
  • Obtaining data from unofficial web APIs.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Website crawling.

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