glosario query

1. What’s query?

A “query” (consultation in Spanish) refers to a request or request for information made to a database or a search system. In the context of databases, a query is a statement that is sent to the database to retrieve, modify, insert or delete data. Queries are usually written in specific query languages, such as SQL or NoSQL in the case of relational databases. However, software queries such as Excel, PowerBI, search engines or LLM models are also counted as a query.

2. What’s the query function?

Queries, whether in the context of databases or search engines, are essential to access and manage information efficiently. In databases, queries allow data to be retrieved, modified or deleted according to specific criteria, facilitating the extraction of relevant information. The use of languages ​​such as SQL provides a consistent structure for performing operations on relational databases. On the other hand, in internet search engines, queries enable users to find accurate information among vast sets of data on the web. Entering specific terms into a search engine generates relevant results, improving the ability to obtain specific information. This is why queries are fundamental tools for streamlining interactions with databases and simplifying the search for and access to information in the digital age.

3. Examples of query.

  • SQL queries.
  • NoSQL queries.
  • Software commands.
  • Terminal commands.
  • Searchers queries.
  • API commands.
  • LLM model prompts.

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