Unstructured data

glosario datos no estructurados

1. What’s unstructured data?

Unstructured data is information that does not follow a predefined format or a clearly defined organizational model. Unlike structured data, which is stored in relational databases with a fixed schema, unstructured data lacks formal organization and cannot be easily placed into tables or categories.

2. What’s the unstructured data function?

Unstructured data plays a crucial role in the digital age by providing a wealth of information beyond the confines of structured data. Its usefulness lies in its ability to capture the complexity and diversity of digital content, ranging from plain text in documents and social media to images, videos and sensory data. Although more challenging to process due to its lack of defined structure, unstructured data offers valuable insights and insights. Technologies such as natural language processing and visual pattern recognition allow significant information to be extracted from this data, facilitating decision making, understanding opinions on social networks, improving products through comment analysis and identifying patterns in large multimedia information sets.

A typical example of unstructured data is document files, since it includes text that is not organized in any way in the form of a table, so when you want to extract relevant information you have to read the document or filter part of the information by keywords to find what you are looking for, however when finding that document information, the text is free and can contain a small paragraph or many long paragraphs of text, that is why in general the textual information of files (except tables of excel or csv) are considered the most basic form of unstructured data.

3. Examples of unstructured data.

  • Images.
  • Videos.
  • Recordings and audio in general.
  • Documents.
  • Text files in general.
  • Social media data.
  • Data in NoSQL databases.

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