Development of AI Models

AI model service FOR COMPANIES

Development of AI Models

We have joined the expansion of Artificial Intelligence as a technology to make our lives easier, that is why we make available our AI model development service, whether Machine Learning or Deep Learning, so that your business or project, regardless of the whatever phase it is in can be integrated into this revolution based on the automation of different business processes provided by algorithmic models.

Desarrollo de modelos IA

Artificial Intelligence Models

In addition to data analysis, we also develop algorithmic models of both Machine Learning and Deep Learning using one or more algorithms, seeking to ensure that they communicate with each other to achieve a better analytical result, transform complex data or create a new function for an App or Website that want to integrate Artificial Intelligence.

That said, we specialize in the implementation of the following algorithmic models:


We bring AI closer to real world.

One of the purposes for which Neural Batch was born is easily summarized with our slogan: We bring AI closer to the real world.’ This is no wonder, the expansion of Artificial Intelligence has begun to be used in the development of new products and services.

That is exactly what we want to achieve, the integration of AI in companies, projects already developed or still being developed, to bring it closer to the real world as another expression of our humanity.