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Data extraction services

In any data project, the most important step before applying any type of AI model is precisely the extraction and processing of the data. Although we do not do data engineering work, we do carry out the process of extraction, cleaning and transformation of the data. data to have all the data available after data extraction and move forward with the next phases of the data project.

ETL Neural Batch

Data Extraction

Before starting any project related to AI, you first need to extract data, which is why we extract it from servers, cloud services, files or even online stores through webscraping. After extracting raw data such as minerals, we clean, organize and filter them, since in this way we isolate the noise that the extracted data may present.

That is why within Neural Batch services as an Artificial Intelligence company we extract data from these systems before starting any data-based development project:


We are an all-rounder extracting data.

It doesn’t matter if your data is structured or unstructured, if it is in local files, in the cloud, on social networks or in products published on a website, we will take care of that extraction and filter it to be able to create any data-based solution for your business.

Which means that if there was one word to describe our data mining skills and tool mastery, it would undoubtedly be: all-round etl provider.