Data Analytics Services

B2B DATA Analysis

Exploration and data consultancy

We carry out data analytics projects for companies taking into account the different aspects of business data from financial data to customer data, always taking into account the purpose of seeking the most optimal result possible for each data analysis service. made by the Neural Batch team.

Data Analysis

After data extraction we can clean, sort and create metrics on them to have the data available necessary for a comprehensive analysis. In addition, we also deliver a report or consultancy of the results obtained after data analysis.

Business analytics is as important as its development, which is why we have specialized in this type of data analytics services:

análisis de datos Neural Batch. data analysis

Data mining FOR BUSINESS

If there is a problem, we optimize results.

At Neural Batch we work with analytical research for problems that require understanding the meaning of the data or seeking to optimize the results of a specific situation regarding your business.

With a good job of data analytics, we can predict, for example, the potential margin of success of launching a product on the market or even classify the comments regarding that product to determine its reception and future reach in a different market.