RPA Automation Services


We improve your business processes

Although the purpose of Neural Batch, as our slogan says, is “Bringing AI closer to the real world” in addition to being an agency made up of a team that always seeks to innovate in one way or another in Artificial Intelligence services, we also help companies adapt existing processes to improve them, giving our clients the development necessary to take the company to the next level such as process automation, reduce business costs, increase productivity and improve the customer contact experience.

RPA Automation

In today’s market, companies need to constantly optimize themselves, where we are all connected to the internet and where services related to AI are advancing by leaps and bounds, which is why we want to help you innovate.

Among the Artificial Intelligence services that we offer we also have the automation of business processes:



Take your business to the next level.

At Neural Batch we provide you with an in-depth study of your business to continue innovating within your company. With the data we can reduce operating costs, increase productivity, improve contact with customers, reduce staff workload, among other advantages.

Therefore, if you have a business idea to carry out, we will help you fulfill it. We know how important it is to adapt to new technologies, which is why we want to facilitate the automation of processes through Machine Learning Web Apps and integration with SaaS services to improve your business processes.